WomenUp. Where bravery starts monetizing

Sabina Babayeva
4 min readNov 11, 2022

WomenUp WomenUp WomenUp ! This platform is nothing, but action and thrive. WomenUp, feat. by Hackquarters, is a platform for women professionals to test and try new things, they had never did before.

First started in 2018, WomenUp changed it format after covid lockdown; when we all had a chance to look inside ourselves; and come back to our needs and feelings. The rate of online courses and career-development programs increased immensely during that period. And for me, as well, it was a period when the prospects became more clear. And, organically, WomenUp transformed together with us; shifting from from just an event series for women entrepreneurs to something different.

WomenUp now is an environment were women can be vulnerable and relaxed enough to share their experiences and goals. Environment where female entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, business owners, consultants and freelancers can find mentors, partners, investors, and just people who share the same needs and have the same questions.

Topic selected for 09 November 2022 program is Dare to Start Investing. According to global numbers ratio among investors is 76% male to 24% female. In this men-dominated ecosystem though, in impact investment firms 38% of top managers are women. Historically females are more likely to be caregivers, passing the connection sthrough ourselves on more emotional level, especially when this connection is related with money. The same counts for crypto and bonds. Women still prefer to invest in gold and bank deposits than stocks and technology. Some might say it is related to the fact, that while investing people want to see similar people (women want to see women) driven by the same mission. However, I truly believe it is more about information. Women are less than men open to share and ask questions about financials. How many women afraid to ask questions, afraid to raise hand; because they simply don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t understand, the only one who still didn’t do it. We are still vulnerable while talking about our money.

Dare to Start Investing Session with Ozlem Tumer Eke and Idil Dorsan

So, we decided to start with Arya Women Investment Platform aiming to create success stories and showcasing women entrepreneurs contributing to the economy. Ozlem Tumer Eke, General Partner, Arya Ventures; and Investment Director, Arya Women and Idil Dorsan, Corporate Communication Lead, Visa, briefed about the major steps of becoming an investor. Idil, a first-time investor shared her story of how she decided to invest, the fear and courage behind that. Ozlem and Idil answered the questions coming from the women in the audience, i.e. ticket size to invest for the first time, when to expect the return of investment and outlined the advantages joining Arya Investor Academy before daring to invest.

Following the topic of investing in startups, Ege Ertez, Co-Founder, Yancep, presented another option for micro-investing. Yancep, alumni of Visa Innovation Program Turkey 2022, is a new- gen asset management platform; the easiest way to start investing using application- generated portfolio recommendations and indicating amount by yourself, even with small money.

Goddess App: Your personalized science-based spiritual journey

Caring about financials and trying to make them work for our growth is great, but how about not to forget that we are still women who care to preserve the passion and emotions. Nil Keskin, Co-Founder, Goddess, women empowerment and well- being application, she is one big energy ball full of inspiration and passion for life. It was not just a women empowerment session, but a Feminine Transformation therapy to unveil inner potential of every women and purpose of life both, professional and personal.

More in upcoming #WomenUp events. We, at Hackquarters are driven by the mission of making all ecosystem players grow and shine. For all who support women startup ecosystem it is about #shineup even more together. Thank you all for joining and contributing.