When To Start Hiring as a Startup: Ready To Share?

“Show me the money”

As a person, who knows what it means to stand in front of the employees when your startup failed the investment, I will say “Never forget about responsibility”. Responsibility for the person, his wife and kids, his expectations, his bank loans, his landlord, his…I can list endlessly. Don’t overestimate yourself or your perspectives. 1 year commitment is a must, make sure you have a money for this period, and share it clearly with the candidate. If you make it for at least one year, move forward and do it, but your employee should be ready for that.

Fire Yourself First

Hiring someone in a startup means firing yourself from this job. It’s not just about management and mirco-management; but readiness to share and maturity to delegate. Are you ready to give away part of your job to person next to you? Not many founders can do that, trust me. Do you have enough job for him or her, or is it just a one-minute strike? How will you find out whether you are ready or not?



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