How To Do Your Own PR: DIY Public Relations for Startups



Press release is still a classical version of sharing your story with media people. Think it is too old-fashioned? Don’t! Because most of the journalists are not too much into technology, so, just find the simplest way to grab their attention. It’s better that your pitch is not longer than one page, mapped and structured.



Before you send the shuttle into the open space, make a research. What are the news websites to cover your story? Can it be technology websites, like TechCrunch, Mashable or FastCompany or sectorial and local publications, like or is important to screen who is writing on the topics related to your business, who specializes in this area, who are your competitors etc. Make a list of journalists you are interested, and try to establish personal relations with them. Networking is a part of communications. Sometimes mentioning “Exclusivity” is very impressive. Journalists want to be first covering something new, so this tactic can be extremely useful. However, it is very important to mention about the time and the fact that the ‘prize’ goes to the first person contacting you and interested in covering your story.


Congratulations! Your story was really cool and managed to grab attention. First of all, say “Thank you!” A short note is quite fine. However, you can invite the journalist for breakfast to warm it up, or for the next big event on your side. Small swags are really sweet. And remember, it’s not a bribe, you are just trying to convert him into your good will ambassador.Think about what else you give to a journalist? Kind of press kit, your photo and a photo of your co-founders, brief bios, your company in numbers, or a tshirt. And, you can be sure, next time when this journalist will write about the sector, new trends and developments, he/she will definitely mention your product. Oh, what can be better, than the fact that somebody is making a reference about you or your product.


Don’t be humble! Share publication via all your social media accounts, blog and website. It would be great to include the story in the mailing and share it with all investors, partners, customers and employees. You can split the story on several pieces and share parts of it every week or so.And, you can be sure, that one post brings more. Public relations is like a snowball, after you had a good first shoot, it can create a really good echo of interest from the media side. Snowball effect is what we want!



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