Empathy: Transforming Communication

Empathy: Transforming Business Communication

Sabina Babayeva


Every year I make a list of KPIs (key performance indicators) for the new year. Personal and professional. Analyzing what happened during the last year; or just affecting my life. New people I get to know, new friends I’ve found, new things I’ve learned, accomplishments and failures. Personality is changing a lot; things I’ve never thought could happen to me managed to happen; I polish my own skills and character evolving more empathy in my life and communication with other people.

Communication has always been one of the keystone word in my life. Communication with family, friends, colleagues, everyone, both b2b and b2c.

So, going back to the KPIs list; you know what I’ve noticed so far; there are so many things that entered our lives for the last ten years. But what was the most disruptive? For me, Appstore. It changed so many things in our lives, our behavior, our habits, our lifestyle, I can go endless. We are not afraid to stay alone anymore; because our best friend is with us any time. Our cellphone. Appstore transformed it from just a calling device into the new virtual world. World where we are all connected 24/7; the world where we are afraid to miss anything happening around us; the world where people are more focused on the things they should do/see/read/watch before they die.


Did you ever think about how technology is changing and transforming our daily life? Changing the way how we live, think and communicate. New trends like are coming out. Some people are suffering from the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) something important; while other people are thriving for the Joy for Missing Out (JOMO) all this “important” trash that is surrounding us. This is where sexiness of isolated yoga camps or sabbaticals are coming from. What really helps is the silence and static mode of doing nothing. All you think is to relax and appreciate what you have now, instead of watching others’ life, fully enjoying yourself. Of course there is nothing bad if people you follow inspire and empower you; sharing what is really important in their lives. Jomo helps, trust me! And after people all around share how positively it affects them, you really start to believe in it too. Even my team thanked me for treating them extremely well after the camp.


Empathy for Effective Business

Or, have you ever seen a person whose battery goes off; very funny must admit. Nomophobia, a fear of loosing your phone for a while or stay disconnected. Even for a while, these few minutes absolutely disable us.


Though we feel disabled, but that is exactly the moment when we can stop and switch off the brain. So, how about the KPIs? Do you think that communication, effective communication, and non-violent communication should the highest priority for most of us. How about the empathy? Do we put ourselves in other people’s shoes before going for the stupid personal questions? Would we be comfortable if these questions come to us?

Empathy doesn’t only help designers to understand their users better; and to improve UI/UX; but to create solutions for the real problems. The same is related to sales, both B2B and B2C. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or feedbacks. Be mindful and ask for feedbacks in a softest way possible; be open as much as possible to welcome and understand people’s opinion. It’s not a time for defense or to justify yourself; you don’t have to prove that your point of view is the only truth.