What first comes to our mind when you think about working at a startup?

For me, it’s a job you love like crazy but paid like sh&t. But what is beneath that all? We can discuss endlessly about innovation-oriented teams with entrepreneurial spirit and ideas. No, hell! A startup business is the most commonly failed type of business with almost all of the companies failing in one year.

Meanwhile, according to Glassdoor 2019 Mission and Culture Research 77% of all adults review company culture while job applications…

When should a startup start hiring, you will ask? Never, I will say. Never, until it really hurts, and hurts badly. Until you are ready to host a new member in your family, like your own wife or child. Because people are not just most important and valuable assets, sellable during the pitch deck. But they are a very expensive resource, which most of the startups cannot afford.

“Show me the money”

As a person, who knows what it means to stand in front of the employees when your startup failed the investment, I will say “Never forget about responsibility”. Responsibility for the person…

The main issue I’ve faced after starting in the startup is lack of news. No, of course, there was something happening all the time around me and us in general. But, was it worthy to be told? Would my story be interesting for media and readers? I had to invent, yes invent, dig to find something really catchy.

Based on my previous experience, I know that the reason to make a public relations (PR) can be sometimes really funny or strange, but it still works. You can sell the air, if someone wants to buy it. So, if nothing newsworthy…

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Did you know that globally we emit 36 billion tons of CO2 each year? And produce 1.3 billion tons of garbage? Terrible numbers, aren’ they? But are there any solutions to solve these problems?

First of all, we can all start with ourselves and our homes. Building new houses emitting lower amount of CO2; or green houses to affect less global warming is the answer. Call it sustainable home, green home or eco home, can be one of the possible solutions in the global context. …

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For a period while we were all locked down at homes during covid-19 a lot of things has changed in our lives; or we changed perception of them. But there are real true things that never change, like supporting and sharing with people who live next to us.

To raise the topics like supporting people who surround us; women; homeless; hungry people; people with special abilities in the framework of Sustainable Growth Program powered by HSBC Turkey, Hackquarters is constantly organizing online meetups. …

Empathy: Transforming Communication

Every year I make a list of KPIs (key performance indicators) for the new year. Personal and professional. Analyzing what happened during the last year; or just affecting my life. New people I get to know, new friends I’ve found, new things I’ve learned, accomplishments and failures. Personality is changing a lot; things I’ve never thought could happen to me managed to happen; I polish my own skills and character evolving more empathy in my life and communication with other people.

Communication has always been one of the keystone word in my life. …

As Covid-19 is immensely impacting the planet we need to accept, that the virus is not just a health crisis anymore. It’s more crisis of economic and psychological subsequences touching all the people in all countries. But at the same time it’s a time of reshaping either small business and global macro-economic system. As any crisis we have faced before coronavirus, it’s not just vulnerability, but opportunity to get reed of useless products and features no one is using, and improve the performance.

As Hackquarters, our mission is supporting promising startups to succeed, connecting them with the innovative corporate companies…

Brief overview on Bahrain startup ecosystem in the framework of 2019 World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum, 18th Arab Businessmen and Investor Conference and Young Business Hub Startup Summit organized by ICYF and UNIDO. Series of international events where Hackquarters was represented with our 54 tech alumni startups from 25 countries.

As scaling up is the most challenging part of any startup business it was extremely important for us to provide access for our startups to the ecosystem of Bahrain; and MENA in general. Especially for the startups coming from Turkey and region covering OIC countries MENA and Bahrain in particularly is…

Why some people are sooo good; so successful; and some are not? What makes you wake up every morning? Are you a success-oriented person? What do you care most; your own success or success of other people?

Jealousy . Level ‘Professional’

Make it grow, grow, grow

For me, envy or jealousy is the strongest power of all; the genesis of everything. It is the driver that is pushing us for good or bad sake; but still moving. It’s just impossible to live in a society, be a part of this world and to be free of it. But what really matters is how we are…

No strategy- no direction; No direction- no impact

What a juicy word ‘Strategy’ is. But what comes to your mind first, when you are thinking about strategy? Complicated; too many tabs open; easy to start difficult to finish? But in fact, its complexity is more often overestimated. And I think it have been done intentionally.

No strategy- No impact

How to make an impact if you don’t know where you are moving? I don’t think it’s possible to achieve or change anything if you don’t event know what the final destination will be. So, think about your final point first. This is what strategy is. …

Sabina Babayeva

COO @Hackquarters

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